Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A lovely dream

I had a lovely dream last night. I was op-shopping, looking specifically for a new sewing machine?!

I got a bit distracted, I found some really neat tea cups, they were Japanese and had blue-grey swallows on them.


Then I found some great frames.

***side note: I've been thinking about thrifting some frames, and spray painting them all black to display the photobooth photos from the wedding in. Sign from the Thrift Gods much?***


And then Michael's alarm went off- I was quite disorientated and asked why it was so early!! I felt really disappointed to leave the cups and frames behind!

::Blurry photos are of the mountain of fibre I'm currently labelling for Thursday::


  1. wow what lovely colours, whats on thursday?

  2. ohhh they all look so gorgeous! Perhaps if I buy some, i'll be inspired to start using the spinning wheel sitting in my bedroom...

  3. I would be disappointed being woken up from an op-shopping dream, hope your dream comes true..xx