Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Phat Fiber + Giveaway

My Phat Fiber box arrived yesterday afternoon. It was a perfect pick me up- I went to sleep grumpy (for no apparent reason) Monday, and woke up grumpy Tuesday. A box full of fibre samples was just what the doctor ordered.

This photo in no way does it justice- I will have to go through and highlight some favourites at a later point.


I just really wanted to point you in the direction of Jessie's blog, where she's hosting a giveaway for one of my graduated braids. These have been selling so well I haven't had time to list them in the felt shop- but remember I am happy to translate anything in the etsy shop to NZD for you, and will happily accept bank transfers from NZ accounts.

Entry is really easy, you just have to leave a comment with one of your favourites from my etsy shop- good luck!

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