Thursday, 15 April 2010


We had a lovely two weeks away, I've got a few things to share. First off is the wee pup Pedro spent time with, because she's just so darn cute!!

Michael's Dad Dave and his Partner Louise have a new German Shepard pup, Millie. So fuzzy!


She likes the water.


And repeatedly climbed into her bucket. It also seemed she took an extra mouthful of water after every drink, just to spit onto the floor!

Picnik collage

She likes chewing on her ball,


But liked Pedro's better!


Pedro was so good with her, and she spent most of the time chasing him around with his neck (or ear, or most hilariously his back leg) in her mouth. At one point his collar had to come off because she was dragging him around by it!!


See her teeth wrapped around his neck?! Apparently she spent the day after we left looking for him! They played really well together, and will have bigger games next time when she's a bit larger. They may have to be banished outside!

And some sweet photos of Pedro, one of these is going on our wall.




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  1. Pedro is such a handsome boy & what a pretty pupster!