Friday, 23 April 2010

I got nothing!

It's fibre Friday, and I've got nothing for you. I've got plenty going on, just no images to share, sorry.


Feeling flat, a bit grumpy and annoyed. Not really sure why. But I think it would be nice to fly away in a hot air balloon one day.


Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?


images taken while driving through Hamilton, the weekend before easter.


  1. Hey - Hope you have a fun weekend and feel better soon. Yup I have been in a hot air balloon and it was awesome, highly recommended.

  2. Boo for feeling flat. It was that kinda week for me too...... but the beautiful silk fibre I got from you really perked me up. THANK YOU.

    I'm a sissy about heights, so never done the balloon thing but "Skatey boy" wants me to do a skydive this year for his birthday with him. Hell just thinking about it is giving me the hebe jeebys!!!

  3. yeah, sometimes that flat feeling just happens upon us. I hope you enjoy your weekend and find something to do to give you a little boost :)

  4. oh me too. hence no posts and no inspiration. Just a bit stifled!