Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Thank you to everyone who has left such kind comments about my photography over the last couple of months. I've been asked a few time which camera I use, and it's a dSLR, the Olympus E-410. However I don't think you can buy it anymore, and in any case, I don't know I would recommend it, more on that later.

What I do really like about is the easy to navigate menu it displays on the back screen, which makes it really easy to get to, and change, all the functions, something I found a little difficult when 'test-driving' other cameras just over 2 years ago.

And while I'm no photographer, and haven't had any training (other than that night class at Hagley College) there are a couple of things I think have made my photos better.

One feature I know you can manipulate, whether you have a fancy-pants camera or a point and shoot (which are not to be underestimated, by the way) is your white balance, and I just wanted to show you three photos I took, seconds apart, using all the same settings, except for white balance. I've written on the photos which setting I used for each.




I really think you should read this article on white balance, and dig out your camera manual and work out how to change the setting on your camera if you don't already know. The top photo is the most colour accurate, but sometimes that's just not the look we're going for! Have a play around with different settings under different light sources. If you'd like to share, post them on your blog, and leave a comment here- I'd love to see what you're up to!

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