Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hottest Baker - Fig and Aniseed Quickbread, and Almond and Walnut Tartlet

I skipped posting last week, as I waited to be able to bake the judges recipes. You can find the recipe for the quickbread here, and the tartlet here.

I wasn't sure about the fig and aniseed flavours, and when I got to the supermarket I couldn't find any aniseed! So that was out and I went with my instincts.



I plucked the two apples from our tree (you can take it out now hun!) and cooked them off in 2T butter with 1/2 c raisins, 1/4 c chopped walnuts and a couple of tablespoons of raw sugar.


I made the scone dough and rolled and chopped it like on the show, but because my filling was a little chunky, it didn't stay together quite so well.
Picnik collage

And when it came out of the ate it before I photographed it!! Which makes me a bad blogger, but anyways, it just looked like the above picture, only uglier! I will definately be making the dough again, it was a scone dough, but included an egg, which gave it a slightly more cakey texture.

As for the tartlet, it was yum, but basically just very sweet. I thought it had too much going on flavour wise, with the chocolate, the almond, the walnuts and all.that.toffee!! The almond was completely lost. So it was nice, but probably wouldn't make again. Wait and make my chocolate dessert from the next episode instead.

Picnik collage

It looked good though!


Next week: Judges Orange Mousse, and a chocolate dessert.

Are you playing along? What did you think of last week's recipes?

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