Friday, 19 February 2010

Fibre Friday :: Silk!

Although it's not my intention to turn this blog solely into a place to market spinning a yarn fibre, I plan to put a wee fibre update on here from time to time, and what better day to do it that Friday, what with the alliteration and all.

Today I've revamped my etsy shop, and listed some luscious red and brown silk, in two forms.



The first is silk hankies, and you can find some really good spinning directions at knitty if you haven't worked with it before. It's really fun, a bit different, and great for beginner spinners as you predraft all the fibres before you hit your wheel.

The second for is silk slivers, these are natural coloured tussah silk which have a lovely honey colour, which really makes the dye sing! They are soft and light and spin up into beautiful yarns.



Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, and I hope you find time to create something!

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  1. Oh, that's just the loveliest looking fibre!! Gorgeous ...