Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The best part of our new house

From time to time I get a bit disillusioned with my job- the rat race-ness of it all, the driving to work. I long for a more creative, gentle, flexible way to earn a living. Right now, for us, this is not a viable option, but there are small, baby steps toward a time where I might be able to be at home more. One day Michael asked me what it was I really wanted to be doing, and I replied, "listening to National Radio while I work in my studio." Sometimes, you really have to put it out there. One of the things we (I) fell in love with about this property was this space I could claim as my own, and even when our family begins to expand I'm unlikely to have to give up this space, as I would have to a bedroom.

Welcome to my studio.

At the moment it's a dumping ground for the boxes we haven't got around to unpacking yet, and the off cuts of a couple of hastily thrown together projects. It's probably last on our do up list (so the mural might be there for a time yet!!) but I planted the seed of an idea that it may be the easiest room to do- the carpet tiles lift right out, and there's no wallpaper to strip, unlike the rest of the house. Except the toilet.
It's big too, half a double garage. So although we bought a 3 bedroom house, this studio means it will be flexible for us for a good while yet.


  1. Ooooh, all that space ... pretty envious here in our little wee house where my "studio" is one wall of the sunroom ...

  2. On Tuesday I went to the premier of "Handmade nation" a documentary about the rise of hand crafting in the States. Afterwards an agent who helps people to make money from their craft spoke about helping people to financially realise their creative dreams. Don't know his name but this is Auckland - should be easy enough to track down.. nice to know such people exist for when the time is right!

  3. Oh look at all the wonderful space!

    I'm drooling over your sewing machine!

  4. what a great space - plenty of room for creativity galore!

  5. you never know what might happen if you put your dreams 'out there' ;)
    Ive just found your blog and have enjoyed reading through some previous posts. Love those polished wood floors and the retro wall paper too.
    Your wedding dress looks like it will be well executed. I had spent hours looking through trying to convince myself it wasnt unethical to but one of those SUPER cheap designer knock off wedding dresses, probably made with sweat shop labor. Then one day I realised I couldnt do it and bought a pattern instead. I dont have many sewing skills but Im sure mum will help me out!

  6. Lovely! It is so very important for a woman to have 'a room of one's own', no matter and whatever she chooses to do in it ;o) Husky looks very comfy in there.