Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wedding Dress Muslin #2

Thankyou all for your kind words on how my dress is coming along- I'm so glad to have people to share it with that can see the potential!

Here's where we left off:

So the next step in the construction of this dress (once I worked out the funk at the back, which took a while, but when I stopped trying so hard it fell into place) was making the mock up of the next layer up.

Prehaps now is also a good time to point out I will be making the dress out of off-white silk, not a white sheet.

The bodice is constructed from two parts, with the bottom layer giving all the structure and support to the dress, and a fashion layer. My fashion layer will have lace and beading and embroidery and ruching and gathers. Phew! The part over the bust which is currently plain fabric will have beaded lace fabric, and the ruching across the hips will have bits of lace and beads sewn into it. And although I thought the ruching across the stomach and back possibly looked a bit weird the other day, it's photographed quite nicely. Because it's all about how it photographs, right?!

It's at this point Michael has asked to stop seeing the dress. So it now takes a few minutes of me bouncing around on my tippy toes, one arm twisted around my back and sucking in furiously in order to get the zip done up those last few centimetres. (Though it's actually quite comfy to wear, and somehow makes me stand up straighter. I suspect it's the boning. And I can breathe in it. Bonus!) It also took a balancing act (those blurs in the foreground are the pins in the pincushion the camera lens is sitting on) and a few trial and errors to get the camera self timer set up to take photos of my back and front for your viewing pleasure.

I haven't got that ruchy part round my hips right yet, I will be enlisting some help while I'm home.

But it's coming together quite nicely, and I'm not so far off buying the real fabric and letting loose. I'm not sure I trust myself!
Full length photo to come when I have someone to operate the camera!


  1. Very nice! It's an exciting project, isn't it, making your own wedding dress.

    Looking forward to seeing the fabric you choose :-)


  2. Wow, i have nothing but admiration. Myself i would be terrified of a dress like that! Its looking like its all coming together nicely. So fun. Tell boy to stay off your blog, tho, i still wanna see updates on the dress.. ;)

  3. Wow, it's looking amazing. I am so impressed!

  4. wow, you're doing a good job! that looks really tricky.