Sunday, 22 March 2009

This is not a post about quilts.

So I'm aware I owe you a post on bindings, and a photo shoot with the finished quilt. How about a wedding dress instead?

Mum and I tried on Wedding Dresses last weekend. Or I tried them on and Mum cried (just a little bit). What fun! We found The Dress, took covert photos, and bought patterns.

I started with a toile of the bodice, taken from the stunning peach number. Why is it the pattern says to cut a 12, and I'm smaller than an 8? How is this even possible and why hasn't someone at Vogue done something about it?

With all my seams a flappin'. And slightly too big.

Correct fit, right way out.

The power of boning!

I've put a zip in for ease of getting the toile on and off, but will replace it with a long line of pearl or self-covered buttons in the final dress.

The waist-stay, a magnificent piece of engineering, based on the fact that a woman's body has a narrowest point. It's attached to the boning and ensures the dress will neither ride up, or fall down. In theory.

With the addition of the skirt. (Taken from the pattern on the left.) I would show you the back but the photos are all more indecent that the half naked ones up there.

Because both dresses have lots of asymetrical lines, there was a bit of this going on- adding bits to corners and hems. I also put the two back pieces of the skirt in twice, to the effect of having a train and the illusion of a gathered bit. I think it will bustle nicely. I'll show you soon!


  1. It looks beautiful on you! I can't wait to see the wedding photos ^.^

  2. It's shaping up beautifully.. you are going to look stunning! I'm so pleased you've gone with the decision to make it yourself!

    I wish the pattern told me to buy a 12, but I needed an 8. The reality is quite the opposite ...

  3. Excitement! Looking gorgy already.

  4. HOW FUN!! The dress will be beautiful. Can't wait to see the final dress!

  5. Wow it's looking beautiful already. I can't wait to see it all finished.