Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Year of the Quilt 3 :: A Baby Quilt :: Borders and Bindings, The conclusion

Thankyou for your opinions over the last few days- to all those who voted and commented (and emailed and texted!) As you will see I ended up going with none of the options! It was interesting to hear your opinions, and see that the results varied so much!

For posterity, I'll include them here:

#1 3 (25%)

#2 4 (33%)

#3 4 (33%)

#4 0 (0%)

#5 1 (8%)

I also had a late entry for #4, but that will through the percentages out of the window!

So here's what I ended up with:

A little of column A, a little of column B! I hope to bind it with the green, but it will depend if I can make what I have left stretch around the edge or not!

I'm off to quilting in 15 minutes, where the lovely Faye will show me a better way to make a quilt sandwich, and because I'm trying to be a better blogger I will take my camera so I can show you too!
What's that I hear? You want to see more of my inspiration board, and the hasty job I did making the spare room presentable for Michael's Mum? Good thing I did or we might've lost her in the mess. I'll spare you the 'before' shots!


  1. Fantastic, love the option you ended up with.

  2. Beautiful quilt! Loving watching you make it, good for me because i really have no idea how to quilt... spare room come studio is fab! Bed spread looks pretty funky.