Sunday, 15 February 2009

A package for the mail

I've finished off a package to send off to a friend with a belly and an approaching birthday. Bex loves her showers (long showers) so I've "made" her a wee towel to go with some yummy smelling shower gel. I use the term made loosely because I took 25 minutes out of my day to sew a strip of patchwork fabric onto the towel. A quick and gratifying project, and I'm thinking I might try and do something like this for handtowels for the wedding.

For baby, a snuggly soft organic merino vest- perfect for a winter baby being born in Christchurch.

Knit using a vintage pattern I found in Mum's stash.

For Mama and Baby, a snuggly cocoon. Bex has been taking photos of babies lately, and about 6 months ago we came across pictures like these.
"I can make you one of those", I said. And I did, albeit a little later than expected. I think she'll be suprised to see it after all this time! She has plans which involve wicker and spagnum moss. I like the horn cufflink I made to keep it closed.

So a package for the mail, and I hope she's forgotten about this website!

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