Sunday, 18 January 2009

Trip to Turamawiwi

One misty morning we set out from home to the west coast of the South Island, in Golden Bay. This is my most favourite place in the world. Happily I got to go out there 3 times on my trip home. On this occasion we went right down the coast to a sheep farm at the end of the line. The end of the road, and the end of the power lines.

It was two hour 4WD trip, with two river crossings.

We had lunch when we got there, with friends of Mum and Dad's. They had the most gorgeous wee one- I took heaps of photos of her blowing on dandelion seeds, and getting them stuck on her mouth- too cute! I'll just show this one of her from behind, waiting patiently on the farm bike.

I love taking photos of kids. They are such fun to intteract with and capture! I got to take lots of photos of different kids while I was home.

But most of all the scenery, as always, was stunning. The mist in the distance made it look amazing, and made for some different shots.

More holiday goodness to come.


  1. Stunning photos, am mostly too scared to drive over the hill so your photos sparked memories from a little less freaked out teenage years.

  2. Beautiful photos! It looks similar to where my grandma lives :) The mist is my favorite part there - it's never the same without it!