Saturday, 24 January 2009

Am I crazy?

To think I can make something like this?

Warning, for the next 11.5 months this blog is at high risk for sudden outrgeous requests, meltdowns over the wrong coloured shoes and panic attacks. Enter at your own risk!

We've set a date for the wedding, so I'm starting to think about planning, I'll turn to Michael in the middle of a conversation and say, "So what do you think about....?" Today I had him ring shopping unawares. There's so much I want ot have a quick look at to get my brain juices flowing, and I've started a scrapbook. I'll share some pics.

Seriously, that dress up there? Check it out! I ripped it out of magazines several times before I realised it was the same dress, plus other dresses by the same designer. If I was going to buy a dress that would be it. I'm planning to attempt to make it, starting soon, so watch this space!

I would love to hear your best piece of wedding planning advice too!


  1. The best piece of advice I got was "Remember to have fun". It was good advice actually, because things do get a little crazy and not fun at some moments in the lead up.
    How exciting tho! Congratulations and good luck sewing that beautiful wedding dress.

  2. Of course you can make that dress....its absolutely lovely! Would look just gorgeous on you. Am expecting to see lots a piccies of your progress. :-)

  3. I made my own wedding dress.. i wasn't happy with it, but there was no way I was going to let anyone else make it .. it was really important to me to do it myself.

    Therefore I say go for it! Just give yourself plenty of time to change your mind and make something else if it doesn't work out.. also if you have a good sewing friend on hand to advise, fit, and suggest alternatives that's very helpful too.

    If ever there was a "make it work" dress it would be a wedding dress because it also has to make you look beautiful like never before.

    Muslins muslins muslins .. do lots of tests before you cut into your very expensive fabric!

    Congratulations! And best of luck for the dress .. you can do it!

  4. Wooooow. Wedding dressssss. Yessssssssss!!!
    You can do it, I'm sure. Congratulations on your engagement X Lies