Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Duck, and some Domestic Confessions.

Just in case I left you with the impression I'm a domestic goddess after yesterday's post I thought I should clear a few things up. I burnt the cake, loaf and biscuits.

The cake's also kinda falling apart.

Yes, they are big holes in the top where I picked out all the burnt pieces of fruit. At this point I don't think brandy icing will be enough to salvage this cake so I can give it as a gift.
I guess it depends on the amount of brandy.

The loaf was salvagable. And very moist.

The biscuits on the other hand, like rocks. Luckily I only burnt the first tray.

I'll have you know I blame the oven. No really- a new oven which appears to have a thermostat defeciency. Seriously. I baked the loaf for 30 mins, not an hour. And the (successful) biscuits? 13 mins at 100oC, where the recipe calls for 25mins at 180oC.

Yeah, it's the oven.

Anyway the neighbourhood birds have been doing well at our place.

Guess who turned up? A duck. She came by a few days ago and I fed her bread. Apparently burnt chocolate chippie biscuits make a nice change from pond scum.

Isn't she beautiful?

So I took some photos. And I thought, I might try drawing her. So I did.

And I thought, I've got those colours in my stash.

So I embroidered her.


  1. You should get a thermometer that you can put in the oven - the oven in my last house was 50 F under what it was supposed to be. I know here you can buy ones that latch onto the oven shelf.

    Your ducky girl is gorgeous :)

  2. Definitely the oven. I LOVE those ducks (real and embroidered).

  3. thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I experienced a little schadenfreude at your domestic woes. Success in the kitchen and cute duck embroidery would be too much cleverness for this mere mortal.