Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas Crafting

I've been crafting up a storm lately. I love this fabric *cough* sheet *cough*, and copied a motif off it to embroider on an apron for Michael's Mum.

I've also been making stacks of cards with my photos on the front. Any excuse to use my 'spinning a yarn' stamp which has been sadly languishing lately!

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  1. Oh ho! There you are! Nice new digs there (and nice stamp, too- is there a history to it?)

  2. Hi there! Welcome to blogger! That is a great idea to trace a motif off the vintage sheet. I have a skirt with some great embroidery on it that I've been thinking of tracing.
    And those cards are wonderful! I really like the series of strawberry jam photos.

  3. Welcome to blogger! The stamp is such a lovely touch. Details are what really lift something into the special realm.

  4. Welcome to blogger! Apparently the 2 of us live in a small science/craft/new zealand world? I love your embroidery. Old sheets have some great prints! My grandma's basement is full of them too! Someday I may learn to embroider... It's so hard to find the time to even spin these days! All the knitting that needs to be done!

  5. Oh, lovely motif! and I'd love to have my own personalised stamp.... how spesh!